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Doctor Who Fest: Day 4

↳ Who is your favourite pairing?: Rose Tyler x Tenth Doctor

You made me better.


Paris Night&Day by A labgraph

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Les rêves des amoureux sont comme le bon vin. Ils donnent de la joie ou bien du chagrin. Affaibli par la faim je suis malheureux volant en chemin tout ce que je peux, car rien n’est gratuit dans la vie.

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Because of my hair I rarely, rarely get recognized, but I was in America, in L.A., a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lift in a department store and the doors opened and this woman stood there, looked at me and just went, “Khaleesi!” and then the doors closed! So that was mental and bizarre and rarely happens but when it does it’s normally on that kind of crazy scale.

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